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Have you ever had a bad relationship, a bad breakup, a dry spell that feels like the Sahara desert? Of course you haven’t. Or, rather, that’s what you’d answer to anyone asking. However, the reality is that you have. Almost every guy out there has. We’re a culture of men raised with a million wrong ideas about the female sex drive. To make it worse, the women themselves often don’t even understand what it is that they actually want. It’s no wonder that most guys find themselves striking out again and again.

But the point of this review isn’t to drive home how alone and frustrated most guys are. If you’re like me, and like the author of The Tao of Badass, you’re probably well aware of that from personal experience. What I know I sure wasn’t aware of is that it’s an absurdly easy trap to get out of.

You’ve probably heard of a little thing called the entire field of psychology. It’s been mapping out the human mind for ages now. At the same time however, it’s mired in a realm of academia that places theory far above practice. However, the author of the Tao of Badass had issues with that. During the tail end of a bad relationship, he found himself living out of his car with little but his old psychology textbooks for company. And ever so slowly, Joshua began to connect the dots.

First and foremost he realized just how much he was being used in the relationship. He quickly broke up with his girlfriend and began refining powerful psychological techniques to turn himself into sexual catnip for even the hottest women. Ironically, the fact that most men and women don’t really understand how female attraction works ended up working to his advantage. When you finally do see the hidden strings holding the world together, it’s always an advantage when nobody else is fighting for them.

The basic idea behind attraction comes from the fact that we all have a logical and emotional center to our minds. Or you could think of it as a conscious and unconscious self. What men are taught to do, and try to do, is attract women by appealing to their logical minds. Women themselves think that’s the key to their hearts, and other parts of their body. However, the reality is that it’s not true. When you think about it, mating is the most basic instinct to everything on earth. Animals that hardly even have a brain to think with still make decisions about sexual attraction and selection. So why would such a basic instinctive drive have anything to do with the logical part of our minds? No, Joshua realized that when it comes to sex we make decisions first and foremost through our unconscious mind and through emotional drives. Intellectual appreciation can come later, but it’s not even really ever needed to have a great sexual encounter.

And that’s exactly what the Tao of Badass is. The pdf details every possible way to talk to a woman’s emotions and her libido, instead of trying to talk her logical side into bed. It took me, and it took the author, from a pretty bad place into a world where we have the key to every woman’s libido.